Build Confidence
Achieve Peak Performance
Uplevel Success

Mindset & Empowerment Coaching 
for Student-Athletes


Empower and Transform 

 This program is for...

  • Student-athletes¬†who are¬†not playing to their full potential

  • They get caught up in their head, creating self-doubt

  • They feel overwhelmed at times

  • They need support, someone outside of family and friends

  • You want to be at peace, knowing you've tried everything¬†

  • ¬†As a parent, you know how important this is to their future¬†

  • Your student-athlete¬†doesn't need counseling, just someone to¬†give them tools, techniques, and support to take them to the next level.¬†

  • You're not sure where to turn

You are in the right place!


Avery, D1 Soccer Player

During my last year of high school soccer, I experienced a different style of coaching that I had never encountered before. For background, I've been playing soccer for almost all my life, and it has become such a big part of who I am. So when this coach started to get under my skin, hurt my mental well-being, and make me feel less than I was, I knew it was time to find someone who could help me manage my emotions during the season. That's when my mom found Mary Lynne and set up a call with her. I was skeptical at first because I never had an empowerment coach before and I didn't know how it was going to work out for me, however after our first "get to know you" call, Mary Lynne made me feel at ease which allowed me to fully trust the process. We had sessions over a few months and in these, we would go over the events of my practices or games, what was bothering me from these, and how I could work on handling myself in the situations better. During the sessions, she made me feel heard and understood and validated my feelings.  After these past few months working with Mary Lynne, I am better at managing my time and schedule which is evidently making me less stressed. I have been speaking more positively to myself, and the techniques she taught me have allowed me to feel better mentally. Overall, I am so thankful to have gotten the pleasure of working with Mary Lynne, and I am grateful to be taking her techniques with me to college this fall where I will be playing soccer at St. Bonaventure!

Jennifer, Parent

"I contacted Mary Lynne after finding her on FaceBook.  My daughter had torn her ACL a year prior and after getting clearance to return to soccer, my husband and I noticed a difference in her game.  Avery was playing well, but we could tell that there was a hesitation about her and thought maybe it was due to her worry that she might get hurt again.  She had recently committed to play D1 soccer in the Fall and we were concerned how this would affect her playing at that level.  At the same time, Avery was playing for a new high school coach who was extremely condescending towards his players.  All this was affecting her mental state.  

Mary Lynne's easy-going personality and positive affirmations helped Avery find a way to deal internally with her coach and gave her the tools she needed to overcome her feeling of uneasiness and worry of re-injury.   In a short amount of time, Avery became much more positive with her thoughts and learned how to deal with the negativity coming from her coach.  My daughter felt comfortable confiding in Mary Lynne and was open to the changes she needed to make in order to stay strong both mentally and physically.   Having someone other than a parent for our student-athlete to turn to has been a blessing for our daughter, and it shows both on and off the field."     

Linda, Parent

‚ÄúMy three teenage boys were very responsive to the themes of creating goals and steps necessary to achieve them. In our case, enabling our kids to start thinking about their futures (and present) allowed them to become more mature, and they began to advocate for themselves.‚ÄĚ

Kamran, Parent

"My daughter got off track. She loves to dance, but friend drama and social media got in her way. It brought her down and created so much doubt that she almost didn't continue doing what I know she enjoys. Mary Lynne helped her improve her self-esteem and self-confidence. It's nice to see her happy again."

Empowerment Coaching Programs for Student-Athletes to: 

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Learn strategies to cope with day-to-day¬†responsibilities
  • Understand and implement techniques to¬†increase their focus¬†
  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Break through¬†blocks, barriers, and belief patterns¬†that are holding them back from peak performance
  • Learn specific¬†methods to decrease¬†stress, anxiety, and distractions
  • Take control of their happiness and success
  • Elevate their athletic potential
  • Create routines to uplevel success


you enjoyed a restful sleep through the night and woke up feeling grateful that you know your student-athlete has someone to talk to and process their day events with. You know they are being supported and learning ways to better themselves as an athlete, student, and person. You know they are learning valuable life tools and techniques that will last for years to come. You know this is exactly what they need.

This can happen!

The longer you wait, the more behind they will feel.

You risk their happiness and success.

If you wait until the time is right, you will lose time,
feel frustrated, and still feel unsure, knowing there has to be a way.

I am here to support you.
Let's do this Together!



"I was having a hard time and Mary Lynne gave me tools to help myself. Little by little, I was able to go from a dark place to loving myself again. I am now more confident and happy."

Alpine Skier

"I have to leave school early a lot for skiing so I get behind in my classes and my late work was piling up. Mary Lynne helped me organize my time and school work so I'm not so stressed about it."

Volleyball Player

"I liked how easy it was to talk to Mary Lynne She helped me deal with friend drama and speak up for myself with my teachers. She also helped me know ways to de-stress myself and love myself."

Nordic Skier

"I was in my head a lot, focusing on my competition. I wasn't as good as I was last year and I wanted to be better. Mary Lynne gave me tools to help me get focused. As a result, my performance got better."



  • Remove blocks¬†and barriers using The¬†Fernandez Method.
  • Bring confidence and strengths back to the forefront.
  • Create routines that support high-level athleticism¬†and sustain¬†athletic performance.
  • Elevate athletic potential by identifying and prioritizing key elements of personal performance.
  • Develop an action and accountability plan.
  • Lock in True Performance Power using The Vision Master.

Courage. Connection. Caring.

Hi, I'm Mary Lynne 

I am a Personal Empowerment Coach for High School and College Student-Athletes.

As a former classroom teacher and assistant athletic coach for 18 years, I have seen how important confidence is to excelling in sports and life, and how the mind and emotions can get in the way of that.

Although the desire and will are there for many athletes, there is a mental and emotional component that blocks them from achieving their desired success.

My journey as a competitive athlete started at seven years old. I was a competitive swimmer until 12, then moved into soccer, volleyball, and track in junior high and high school. I was a starter and a top athlete. I dreamed of playing soccer in college. But that dream never happened. Looking back, I can understand why. My mental game wasn't supporting my physical game. I didn't believe in myself or my potential.

Since then, I have turned my self-doubt into self-confidence and personal achievement, and I do the same for my clients. 

For 15 years, I have been a life coach for teenagers and young adults. I’m also an author and speaker.

With The Fernandez Method, athletes are able to calm their mind, resolve the underlying problem that is keeping them from peak performance, then move forward free of any mental-emotional obstacles. 

Through mentoring, coaching, and teaching, student-athletes ignite their confidence again, elevate their athletic potential, and break through the blocks, barriers, and belief systems so they can fully embrace their athletic potential.

When student-athletes fully embrace their true power, they fully own who they are. They stand tall. They are proud. They don’t need anyone outside themselves to tell them how good they are because they already know it. They are leaders. 

I am here to help your student-athlete be the leader you and they know they are.

As an adult, I have been a competitive runner, triathlete, and soccer player. However, today I focus on supporting students in their competitive journeys while I enjoy swimming, mountain biking, scuba diving, and practicing Qigong.

“It was easy to talk to Mary Lynne.

She helped me to discover what my true happiness is.‚ÄĚ

- Kata, 15

"I liked the tools to calm your mind because I need to calm my mind."

- Olivia, 17

“Mary Lynne helped me see myself for who I really am. 

She helped me improve my self-esteem. Thank you!‚ÄĚ

- Maggie, 16

Otus, D2 Nordic Skier

‚ÄúI was in my head a lot, focusing on my competition. I wasn‚Äôt as good as I was the year prior, and I didn‚Äôt know what to do to get better. My mom thought it would be a good idea to talk to Mary Lynne and see if she could help me. Mary Lynne and I worked together for about 3 sessions and that‚Äôs all I needed to get back to feeling good. It was easy to talk to Mary Lynne. I felt like she listened to me. With the work that we did, I was able to get back out there and feel confident in myself and who I am as a skier. After we worked together, I went on to compete at the Junior Nationals for Nordic Skiing and being recruited to ski for Saint Michael's College. I recommend working with Mary Lynne if you are having any confidence or performance issues, she can help you.‚ÄĚ

Your Questions Answered:

Kate, Parent

"Mary Lynne helped my daughter positively handle the day-to-day drama of being a teenager, which helped take the load off of me and ultimately brought us closer."

Sharon, Parent

"My 18-year-old daughter benefited from having a neutral party to converse with on personal issues, as well as being subjected to new questions for her to consider and contemplate. As a result, she has more focus, motivation, and drive."

This is the Time.