Peak Performance in Life and Sports


You have a dream. You are all in. You work hard and are committed, but it still isn’t enough. 

Your family, friends, teammates, and coaches watch how hard you work, how much you want it, and how many hours you put into practice and training. 

It’s more than a dream for you. You know it can happen and are ready to make it happen.
And yet, you have blocks. There is something in the way and you don't know what it is. 

You want simple tools and techniques to achieve peak performance and you want it fast.  

"I was able to get back out there and feel confident in myself."

‚ÄúI was in my head a lot, focusing on my competition. I wasn‚Äôt as good as I was the year prior, and I didn‚Äôt know what to do to get better. My mom thought it would be a good idea to talk to Mary Lynne and see if she could help me. Mary Lynne and I worked together for about¬†3 sessions and that‚Äôs all I needed to get¬†back to feeling good.¬†It was¬†easy to talk to Mary Lynne. I felt like she listened to me. With the work that we did,¬†I was able to get back out there and¬†feel confident in myself¬†and who I am as a skier. After we worked together, I went on to compete at the¬†Junior Nationals for Nordic Skiing¬†and being¬†recruited to ski for Saint Michael's College.‚ÄĚ
~ Otus, Nordic Skier

After 2 sessions, "She got her mojo back!"

"My daughter saw Mary Lynne to help her overcome some confidence issues that were significantly impacting her soccer playing. Our experience with Mary Lynne has been extremely helpful. She was able to form a genuine connection with my daughter, and helped guide her to open up and explore some of the issues that were holding her back. After her second session with Mary Lynne, she looked like a different player on the field. She completely got her mojo back, and was able to perform at a much higher level. Mary Lynne was an integral part of Libby regaining her confidence, and providing the support she needed to conquer her insecurities. Mary Lynne is compassionate and intuitive, and is able to provide vital tools for athletes who are working through any obstacles impacting their sport. She is deeply committed to her clients and provides a framework of resources and mindfulness practices, to rewire any negative mindsets that have been getting in the way of their growth."
~Melissa, parent

"I have been speaking more positively to myself, and the techniques she taught me have allowed me to feel better mentally."

" Mary Lynne made me feel at ease which allowed me to fully trust the process. We had sessions over a few months and in these, we would go over the events of my practices or games, what was bothering me from these, and how I could work on handling myself in the situations better. During the sessions, she made me feel heard and understood and validated my feelings.  After these past few months working with Mary Lynne, I am better at managing my time and schedule which is evidently making me less stressed. I have been speaking more positively to myself, and the techniques she taught me have allowed me to feel better mentally. Overall, I am so thankful to have gotten the pleasure of working with Mary Lynne, and I am grateful to be taking her techniques with me to college this fall where I will be playing soccer at St. Bonaventure!"
~Avery, Soccer Player

"Having someone other than a parent for our daughter to turn to has been a blessing, and it shows both on and off the field."

"Mary Lynne's easy-going personality and positive affirmations helped my daughter find a way to deal internally with her coach and gave her the tools she needed to overcome her feeling of uneasiness and worry of re-injury.   In a short amount of time, Avery became much more positive with her thoughts and learned how to deal with the negativity coming from her coach.  My daughter felt comfortable confiding in Mary Lynne and was open to the changes she needed to make in order to stay strong both mentally and physically.   Having someone other than a parent for our student-athlete to turn to has been a blessing for our daughter, and it shows both on and off the field."
~Jennifer, parent


The Fernandez Method is a unique approach that gets to the root of problem so you can get back to performing at a high level.

Within one week, you can turn doubt, frustration, unknowingness into confidence, focus, and determination.

When blocks occur, most people turn to the physical, they work harder. Or, they think it's all mental and work on their mindset.

What's missing is the Mental-Emotional Component.

This is not surface level stuff. It's about getting to the root of problem and clearing it out so you can get back to competing and being the star you know you are. 


  • Remove¬†blocks¬†and barriers using The¬†Fernandez Method.
  • Bring strengths and confidence back to the forefront.
  • Create routines that support high-level athleticism and sustain¬†athletic performance.
  • Elevate athletic potential by identifying and prioritizing key elements to personal performance.
  • Develop an action and accountability plan.
  • Lock in true performance power¬†using The Vision Master.

Hi! I'm Mary Lynne

I am a Mindset & Empowerment Coach for Student-Athletes.

My journey as a competitive athlete started at seven years old. I was a competitive swimmer until I was 12, then moved into soccer, volleyball, and track in junior high and high school. I was a starter and a top athlete. I dreamed of playing soccer in college. But that dream never happened. Looking back, I can understand why. My mental-emotional game wasn't supporting my physical game. 

As a former middle school teacher and assistant athletic coach, I saw the same thing happen to many of my students and athletes.

For over 15 years, I have been a life coach for young people, helping them to break through their barriers to live fully and achieve their dreams. I'm also an author and speaker.

In 2024, I discovered The Fernandez Method, a unique approach that supports my clients in calming their minds, clearing out blocks, and catapulting their lives and dreams.

Through mentoring, coaching, and teaching, athletes break through the blocks, barriers, and belief systems holding them back. This breakthrough ignites their confidence again and elevates their athletic potential.

When fully embracing your True Power, you fully own who you are. 

You stand tall. 

You are proud. 

You don't need anyone outside of yourself to tell you how good you are because you already know it. 

You are a leader. 

I am here to help you be the person, athlete, competitor, and leader you know you are.

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"I was having a hard time and Mary Lynne gave me tools to help myself. Little by little, I was able to go from a dark place to loving myself again. I am now more confident and happy."

Alpine Skier

"I have to leave early from school for skiing so I got behind in my classes and my late work was piling up. Mary Lynne helped me organize my time and school work so I'm not so stressed about it."

Volleyball Player

"I liked how easy it was to talk to Mary Lynne. She helped me deal with friend drama and speak up for myself with my teachers. She also helped me know ways to de-stress and be more confident."

Calm Your Mind   *   Uplift Your Spirits   *   Inspire Your Soul.

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