Let Go of Self-Sabotage & Embrace Your True Power

In The Warrior Teenager, Mary Lynne Fernandez shares her own life story and process of success that she has applied with many. She step-by-step guides you how to navigate life's challenges, overcome personal struggles, and find purpose in the world. 


Janet Bray Attwood

NY Times Bestselling Author of
The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches

“Mary Lynne’s book, “The Warrior Teenager,” is the perfect book for teenagers who have feelings of hopelessness and despair. Every chapter is rich in visual images, captivating stories, and most importantly, grounded in practical strategies for teenagers to empower and transform their lives.”

Ray Lozano

Drug & Substance Prevention Specialist and Youth Speaker

“I do not know how Mary Lynne Fernandez packed such a fantastic amount of inspiration and insight into her book, “The Warrior Teenager.” Any teen who reads this book is definitely going to benefit from its wisdom. A new standard has been set.”

Harriet Turk

Professional Speaker and Author of
After The Speech: When Teens Get Real

“Through real-life stories, Mary Lynne gives a peek into the teen psyche and shows teenagers that they are not alone when they feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about life. She breaks down a wealth of information into a practical step-by-step plan so they can take action to create a life of strength, confidence, and ultimately a life of happiness.”

Mary Lynne helps teens excel in life and school:

  • Decrease stress, anxiety, moody moments, and distractions
  • Have a plan and direction
  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learn strategies to cope with day-to-day drama
  • Discover solutions that work for them
  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Improve how to handle certain situations
  • Determine what blocks, barriers, and belief patterns are holding them back
  • Decide which action steps are needed
  • Boost self-motivation and independence

Kyle, 15

"I liked the personal stories that helped describe what teens go through."

Stella, 16

"I liked learning more about myself and what I need to take care of myself. The soup-can strength topic helped me this week. I didn't really think I needed it, but I did. I'm going to try to stay focused on my 'life values.'"

Olivia, 17

"I liked the tools to calm your mind because I need to calm my mind."

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"It allowed me to think about what I really want to do, not only in my future, but what I want to do right now."

Literary Titan Book Review:

"In this world where everything is fast-paced and competitive, one can feel a little overwhelmed. They can feel lost in the crowd. They can feel like they are drowning in their inability to measure up to society’s expectations and standards. It is not easy. It is not ideal but it is what it is. There is nothing more to do than equip future generations with the skills to ignore all the news. The wherewithal to see the standards but not bend to them; the ability to understand that the only standards worth measuring up to are ones set by one’s own self.

Mary Lynne Fernandez, with her extensive experience and brilliance, seeks to do exactly that with this book. She seeks to guide teenagers through life. To arm parents with tools to efficiently and successfully navigate the mucky and turbulent waters that is parenting to teenagers."


"I like to call Mary Lynne the teen whisperer. She remembers with such lucidity the private struggles and hopes of adolescence and writes to teenagers authentically and in a language that speaks to them. The Teenage Warrior is written with a rhythm its readers can hear, a song they can sing. Vivid metaphors, examples, and imagery provide clarity on the mysteries of a teenager's world. This powerful handbook for teens and adults willing to get into their world to understand and support them is a guide that addresses the most important (and sometimes most frightening) topics teens face every day. 

True stories from Mary Lynne’s vulnerable teenage years reveal a bridge toward hope that can offer teens a path to a richer and more fulfilling life. It can be awkward to speak to adults, and in contrast, comforting to read about real people you can relate to and how they met their own challenges and created the life they wanted. I am certain this book will save a life. I am certain this book will recover a lost one. And I am confident that this book will ignite many dreams into reality. Step by step, from angry to sad, from feeling better to feeling excited, a young person somewhere in this world will fall in love with life again because they will realize they are a teenage warrior!" 

Desiree Phillips,
Founder GlowPower Global

About the author

Mary Lynne Fernandez, Ph.D., is a Certified Life Coach and Teen Esteem Expert. For over 20 years, she has taught, coached, and mentored teens, tweens, and young adults while profoundly empowering parents.

With an M.A. in Education and a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling, she passionately serves teens and parents. Mary Lynne brings forth fairness, humility, and gratitude to every client, audience, project, and challenge. Her kind and honest style of speaking, counseling, and coaching have earned her immense respect and love in her community.

Like many teens today, Mary Lynne Fernandez struggled during her teenage years; she overcame the struggle and teaches others to do the same so they can become a Warrior Teenager. Today, she is respected as a powerhouse “Teen-Esteem Expert.” When it comes to connecting with young people, Mary Lynne is a real natural. As a certified life coach, keynote speaker, and author, Mary Lynne is a sought-after personal empowerment leader for young people and parents alike.​

Mary Lynne speaks and connects deeply with both teen and adult audiences. Using her own life experiences, she inspires you to fulfill your life desires.