Hi, I'm Mary Lynne!

I've worked with teens, tweens, and young adults for over twenty years.  

Within my first five years as a middle school teacher and athletic coach, I saw how easily students got off track, distracted, and stuck. They had difficulty managing it all, so I became a Certified Life Coach to help teenagers bridge the gap between school, sports, and life.

Today, I am a Personal Empowerment Coach.

I empower student-athletes to break through blocks, barriers, and belief patterns to achieve peak performance and fulfill their dreams.

With a certification in life coaching, an MA in education, and a PhD in Holistic Life Counseling, I share tools, techniques, and my personal wisdom to get to the core of the issue: what is really getting in the way of a student-athlete's peak performance.

Personally, I became a competitive swimmer at seven years old. I swam on a traveling summer team for six years. In middle and high school, I played soccer, volleyball, and track - competing in sectionals for both track and soccer. As a teenager, I had my share of limiting beliefs and self-doubt. I see similarities in the young athletes I work with today. I wish I had someone outside my family and friends who could have helped me see through my limitations and to help me achieve my goals and dreams.

That's why I do what I do.

In my coaching programs, I address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to ensure excellence in all of life.

Mindfulness practices turned my own health around from stress, anxiety, and fatigue to calm, happy, and healthy. I share these practices with my clients to help calm their minds, uplift their spirits, and go to the next level of their athletic performance.


When not working, I enjoy mountain biking, scuba diving, swimming, reading, practicing Qigong, and relaxing with my husband and Australian Shepherd, Cactus, in beautiful Colorado.

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